Ready to Use Legal Templates for Website Owners & Entrepreneurs

The All in One Legal Pack for your Business, 6 Ready to use Templates written in simple language by lawyers

Essentials: The 6 Legal Templates Pack for your business

For website owners and entrepreneurs

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terms and conditions for websites generator

Terms and Conditions Template

All you need for your terms and conditions page on your website. Copy the original template, fill in the gaps with your company details and upload it on your website.

privacy policy template generator

Privacy Policy Template

A full ready to use Privacy Policy and Cookie Law compatible with GDPR.

work contact template

Work Contract Template for Freelancers

The Work Contract Template covers a wide range of uses. It clearly defines the terms of agreement between two parties. It can be used in any kind of work for hire project.

Sale and Purchase Agreement for EShops and Business

Suitable for E-Shops. The template defines obligations, undertakings and warranties when a purchase of product or service has taken place.

Advertising agreement tempate

Internet Ads and API Agreement

Two extra ready to use agreement templates for website owners, online publishers and brands.

The Internet Advertising template is suitable for sale of advertising space in blogs, news portals, affiliate websites.

The API agreement covers licensing and transfer of content between two business through use of API technology.

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