Contract Template for Freelancers

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What is a contract template for freelancers?

A contract template for freelancers is a ready-made legal document which you can download and customise by adding information related to the details and information of the two parties involved in any form of an agreement.

This document can be used as a contract between the employer and the freelancer. These templates are most often written by law firms and updated with the latest laws.

They are used in cases where the contract is repeated several times and are referred to as standard contact form since there are phrases and sentences that are repeated several times. Using contract templates is a cost effective solution for freelancers dealing with multiple clients and projects.


Where can you find a contract template?

You can find contract templates for freelancers by visiting websites selling legal templates online. What you need to consider carefully is whether the employment contract meets your requirements as a freelancer and whether a term is included that you want to add in addition.


What does a freelance contract template need to have?

Work contracts are legal agreements between you as a freelancer and the employer. Contracts point out the details and the terms of the relationship with the company and its employee and what are the obligations for each part for having a successful working relationship. This type of document is legally binding and ensures that you will get paid for the services you will provide as described in the contract.

It should include information such as

  • Names and full company details of those involved in the project.
  • Roles and precise outlines of the project and the work you’ll provide.
  • Invoicing
  • Method of payment. How much and when the employer will pay the freelancer
  • Deadlines and timeline – Details about the services delivered and the expectations for both parties
  • Personnel of Contractor
  • Liability of Contractor
  • Confidential information: Confidentiality terms to protect both parties, including all data.
  • Termination terms.
  • How you will be paid if the employer decides to cancel the project.
  • Indemnity
  • Anything else that affects the freelancer-client relationship.


How much does a contract template cost?

The cost for a work contract template varies depending on what you choose. It is definitely much lower than going to a lawyer. There are several free ones but there is a risk that they will not be updated with the current laws. On pickagem, the contract template for freelancers is included on the Essentials pack.


In what projects a freelance contract template can be used?

A contract template can be used for a project that will be implemented in a certain period of time, without having a permanent employment relationship.

Many times the freelancer is not included in the official staff of the company, the permanent or seasonal employees, therefore no benefits are provided such as health care, retirement, sick pay.

For example, if you are an e-shop designer, the work contract is necessary for the terms of the time limit for completion of the project and payment to be clear, protecting both the freelancer and the employer.

Other example of work for hire projects where a freelance contract may be needed are:

  • Digital marketing services
  • Consulting services
  • Website development
  • Accounting services
  • Music production agreements (including studio booking, mastering services, session musician in recordings, sound engineer for mixing)
  • Translation and voice over services
  • Video production services
  • Logo design services
  • Writing and blogging freelance works

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